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Raluca Gruin
Orienteering Unlimited

Portrait Raluca GruinText folgt in englischer Sprache:

Raluca Gruin
1997 - State Certified Fitness Trainer; Federal Institution for
Sports – Graz, Austria
1998 - Teaching Profession study for German Language and Physical Education,
Pedagogic Educational Academy, Graz Seckau, Austria
1999 - Sport and Creative Motivation Training, Juppidu, Graz, Austria.
2000 - Intercultural Pedagogy (Adult Education), IL BO University, Padova, Italy

1999 - Arbiter License for Aerial Navigation and Orienteering, Aero Club Vienna

Participation in over 20 international Hot-Air Balloon Competitions as a Referee:
Austria, Italy, Germany, Luxemburg, France, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Australia-Mildura,
Emirates - Dubai, U.S.A.

2005-2009   Physical Education Teacher, Swimming Instructor, Lifeguard Training Supervisor, Outdoor Educator for High Schools in New York, U.S.A.

    1. Coach and Trainer for Orienteering Unlimited, New York.
    2. Presenter in Annual New York State AHPERD Physical Education National Conference; Long Island, New York, Physical Education University, Nassau Zone


Orienteering is an international sport suitable for all ages in which participants use a map as their primary tool to navigate to a series of specific locations, and then prove they found them.  In a school or camp setting, the proof can be information to gather, problems to solve, skills to practice, anything you want. 

Map Adventures make it easy, indoors or out, to infuse a “treasure hunt” sense of play into any objective – from team-building to subject mastery, facility orientation to a fun fitness program – all while exercising both body and mind.



This will be both an experiential as well as a brainstorming workshop.  First you will participate in a range of activities that model a variety of objectives.  Then we will complete the day exploring specific, concrete situations and opportunities that you face in your schools, camps, and centers, brainstorming and problem-solving how you can integrate what you have experienced into creative partnerships with any department in your school, any aspect of your programs.



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