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Flow Gymnastics

Get exited of the world of FlowGymnastics


What is FlowGymnastics?

Flow Gymnastics is a new form of gymnastics for all. It is based on original Finnish gymnastics and developed for gymnasts of all levels. Especially women in all age groups and teenage girls get enthusiastic in it. Versatile familiar movements from gymnastics have been revised into a nice and interesting shape without forgetting challenge.
The flowing motion technique, witch starts from the middle part of the body, develops efficiently core control and flexibility of the spine. Posture gets better and shoulders relax. Feet get stronger and springy because one moves bare foot during the lesson. You will get esthetical experiences and joy of exercise from Flow Gymnastics.

What does FlowGymnastics workout include?

Flow Gymnastics training session starts by warming the body and tuning the mind. The whole body is lured along little by little with large range of movements, with combinations of steps and walks without forgetting the arms. Core of the technique is strong and controlled movement of hips, spine and shoulders. Focus is also pointed at muscle strength and flexibility. The enjoyable music will sweep the gymnasts from atmosphere to another.
The classes are built to suite everyone – from beginners to advanced level. There is speed and power, and also lyrics and sensibility. The goal is to aim towards stronger, more flexible and more vigorous body and also towards a lighter and better mind. The joy of gymnastics as it’s best!

Finnish Gymnastics Federation Svoli, Hämeentie 105 A, 00550 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. + 358 9 5490 331, fax + 358 9 5490 3399 -

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