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Tiziana Bonin
Country dance

Portrait Tiziana Bonin

Born 1972 in Aosta
Diplom of ISEF since 1998, SUISM since 2006
PE teacher in a middle school
Since 2010 country dance courses in val d´Aosta
Presenter and coordinator in different middle schools to promote and to diffuse this dance.

History and contents:
Country music and dance originally come from America. As there was enough room to dance in the barns, the cowboys came together with their wives, fiance and friends in hay dust – covered barns wearing colorful shirts. The cowboys hit the dancefloor still wearing their hat and spurs. The „Caller“ was the group leader who performed the same movements in line, creating a new dance called country line dance.
Today there are four types of country dance: Line dance, Changing dance (change of partner), pair dance and Contra dance (the dancers face each other in two lines)

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