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Elisabetta Bosca
International folk dance, Body percussion

Portrait of Elisabetta Bosca

PE teacher and folk dance instructor in theoty and practice since 1990, dancer and teacher of the dancing chorus „perche´no”, has been working in Montebelluna to support, promote and valorize international folk dance. She offers seminars, courses at school and for teachers, and organizes shows.


Folk dance
Expression of a multicultural people

Experiencing Ethnic Dance – the expression of every nation´s values – is a great opportunity for the students to get a first glimpse of the various different cultures. The participant can learn traditional European and non – European choreographies from all over the world in an entertaining and informal atmosphere and acquire specific skills in the theory and practice of folk dance.
The programme offer a wide range of ideas for elementary, middle and high school, and for everybody who wants to gain insight in the practice of traditional, modern and meditative folk dance of the various nations and cultures.

Body percussion
may be performed on its own or as an accompaniment to song


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