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Daniele Corinto
Black light theatre, Movement and voice

Portrait Daniela Corinto




The black light theatre
The ultra violet illumination, also called "the black illumination", and the darkened theatre halls loaded with black material, provided this special theatre with its name: "The black light theatre ".

In the new type of theatre the total darkness was needed, and a massive use of black material and black paint as well as ultra violet illumination which provided a stage for all the other colours.
The secret behind the magic is simple and black. Actors in black suits, called "black people", wearing black gloves and black mask with eye cracks only, play the "invisible people" who work the show. The optical illusion and the "black people's" job can only succeed with hundreds of meters of black cloth spread behind every "black man", with fluorescent illumination highlighting only objects painted in a fluorescent colour. The black people are seeing and not seen, they move the fluorescent colored objects so that they seem to be hovering in the air. This way, a fluorescent painted dancer can "fly" with the help of a "black man" holding her in the air.
The teacher for black light theatre has many concepts and ideas for the school and will give you a introduction into the technique of the black light theatre.

Movement and voice
with the result of sound effects inside a forest.



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