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Alexander Ertl
Sports massage

Portrait of Alexander Ertl

Studies of Sports Sciences/Psychology/Philosophy at the University of Innsbruck from 1993 to 1998 Swimming coach  and instructor at the BAFL Innsbruck 1998. Physiotherapist school  at the Vienna General Hospital 2000 - 2003

Since 2004, physical education teacher at various high schools, currently sports teacher at the Sozialwissenschaftlichen Gymnasium in Bruneck.
Physiotherapist in Bruneck and specialized in back school, jogging, swimming training, conditioning exercises and massage.


  1. Sports massage and fascia: lead-in and selected grips
  2. Sports massage and fascia treatment/back of the body: legs, buttocs, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical spine.
  3. Sports massage and fascia treatment/front and side of the body: legs, stomach, neck
  4. Sports massage and fascia treatment of the arms, shoulder and neck.
  5. Sports massage and fascia treatment of the whole body


Course materials to download:

PDF-Download SFM2015_Ertl-Sportmassage-Faszien.pdf
Adobe PDF, 1,16 MB



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