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Luigi Gigante

Portrait Luigi Gigante

Luigi Gigante - Hitball

Via Servais 125 bis 10146 Torino
Tel. 011-7712323 Fax 011/7712912 - luigigigante@tiscali.it hit@htball.it


Hit ball

Hit ball is a new team sport (5 vs. 5; Under 14 only 6 vs 6) invented in Turin in 1986 by a physical education teacher.
Fast (5 seconds is the time limit for each gameplay) and enthralling, hit ball allows a facilitated approach with classes at school.
The walls are part of the pitch and there is no outside.
The ports of the game have very large (10 feet wide ...) and are defended by a line of three goalkeepers.
The ball is always in motion and during the game must always be hit and never stop.
Fun and action guaranteed and involvement for all indiscriminately.
This is hit ball.

Learn more: www.hitball.it 
Spot video http://youtu.be/aJeYMlE_-kw

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