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Gerhard Judmayer
Neuromotor learning, Golf at school

Portrait ofGerhard Judmayer

E-Mail: gerhard.judmayer@gmx.at

PE teacher - visiting lecturer at the Institute of Sports Science, University Graz, and teacher training college Graz
instructor in coach and teacher training
school instructor for basketball and golf
former trainer of Austria’s first division, men and women, and junior national teams Austria – basketball.


Neuromotor learning
Neuromotor learning with the ball is a special training that facilitates the function of the brain with coordinative tasks including cognitive, visual, acoustic, and tactile inputs and mechanisms. Combining movement with brain activity and perception. Connecting the two brain hemispheres through a training.
Brain + movement = performance
As both halves of the brain are highly activated, new links can be created. These links cannot only be used for physical activities, for which they have been actually created, but they can also be used for other mental processes. People who train according to this principle become more creative and can concentrate better. Besides, they can perform better and they are more independent and confident.

Golf at the school
Part 1 – Training programme: created for playing Golf and bringing the concept of play and games to life for the children.
Part 2 – Golf technique: The acquisition of basic techniques and rules of the game. Rules and etiquette: game skills according to the rules.

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