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Srecko Mavrek
Swimming, Dodgeball and Woodball

Portrait of Srecko Mavrek

Mr. Srecko Mavrek is an internationally recognized expert in aquatics and physical education.
He is a swimming and physical education teacher at Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus in New York City. Before coming to the USA as an international teacher in 2005, he held teaching and research positions in Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and Italy. He has been coaching cross-country, soccer, track & field and swimming. Mr. Mavrek has been invited lecturer to international courses and seminars for physical education teachers in Austria, Hungary, Taiwan, Estonia and USA.


Swimming 1: Teaching rotary breathing step-by-step
Swimming 2: Teaching feet-first and head-first dives step-by-step
Modified Dodgeball 1: Introduction to modified dodgeball
Modified Dodgeball 2: Modified dodgeball competition
Woodball 1: Woodball – wooden golf
Woodball 2: Woodball competition

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