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Heike Oberrauch
Table tennis

Portrait Heike Oberrauch

Born in Bozen 1973
Studied PE at the German University Köln
Competitive sport Table tennis from 1984 to 1997 (Serie A player, German federal league, National team). Took part in many European championships, Italian national Champion in 1991, runner- up in more Italian championships.
Sport journalist for the ORF (Austrian broadcast) 1998 – 2000
PE teacher since 2001


  1. Table tennis at school, invent new backhand games (control exercises, skill exercises, table tennis bat position, getting used to the table tennis bat and ball, different games with different balls and table tennis bat.)
  2. Table tennis at school, games and organisation (round the table options, four players at one table, pass on – games, ecc…)
  3. Table tennis at school – tournament options and ball bucket training. (short explanation of the rules).


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