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Valentin Piffrader
Life Kinetik

Portrait Valentin Piffrader

Born 1971 in Bruneck (South Tyrol)

Studies: History and Pädagogic at the University  Innsbruck

Additonal qualifications: Outdoor Trainer, Mental Trainer, Coach and Supervisor, Life Kinetik Trainer

Activity focus: Freelancer for Outdoor training and Mental coaching
                           Mental coach at the Sport high school Mals

Life Kinetik is a fun exercise program based on motion to enhance mental capabilities. Life Kinetik training forces all brain areas to actively take part and master the given movement challenges and therefore it creates new connections in our brain. The training works, by simultaneously combining exercises of different movement patterns, visual tasks and cognitive elements.

Life Kinetik accomplishes this with the help of ever changing exercises that scale the difficulty level to the ability of each person. As you improve, Life Kinetik exercises become more and more challenging, forcing your brain to improve even more.

This unique and complex training form provides the interface between physical exercise and lifelong learning. It stimulates neuronal learning processes and integrates new brain cells.
Top athletes, among them World- and Olympic Champions have proven the effectiveness of Life Kinetik. Scientific studies show that just one hour of Life Kinetik Training per week will improve your physical and mental well being by delaying symptoms of dementia and improving your ability to concentrate.
The benefit is clear.

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