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Beate Schmailzl
Taiji Bailong Ball, QiGong

Portrait Ernst Almhofer

Curriculum vitae:
born in Kelheim, Germany 1984

QiGong is a part of the traditional Chinese medicine. The own activity contributes as a health
promotion, prevention and healing.
One important aspect is the interaction of body, breathless and Spirit. Regulation of the poise
and the progress of an standard movement is the basic. This enables a better breathing and a
better development of the mentally training.
• 18 movements part 1 + 2
• Heart –QiGong
• Crane – QiGong
• 8 brocates
• Guo Lin QiGong
• RuJing / meditation

Taiji Bailong Ball (TBB)
Taiji Bailong Ball (TBB) is a new sport that originated in China. It was invented and developed
by Professor Bai Rong. TBB brings to life the dialectical principles of thought and action that
characterise Chinese philosophy. “Bailong” means “white dragon”. Like the motion of mythical
dragons, the spiralling movements of the TBB player are smooth and round, sinuous and
extremely elegant. These movements, which are rooted in Taiji, are transferred via a racket to
the ball, which is partly filled with sand. In place of strings, the racket has a flexible rubber
membrane that “gives” slightly when contact is made with the ball. Using the inner strength of
Taiji, combined with various supple turns of the hand and wrist, the skilful player makes it look
as though the ball is “stuck” to the racket. But it isn’t!


Course materials to download:

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