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Herman van den Berg
Rock and water

Portrait Herman van den Berg

Personal particulars

Academic degrees

1976 – 1979 Katholieke Academie voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding, Tilburg.   
First degree in teaching Physical Education.

1971 – 1974 Pedagogische Academie. ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Fully qualified in teaching at Primary Schools.

Work experience


Professional licenses / Certifications


This program offers teachers a new way to interact with boys through physical/social teaching (though the program can also be taught to girls). Physical exercises are constantly linked with mental and social skills. The program leads from simple self defence, boundary and communication exercises to a strong notion of self-confidence.
The program offers a framework of exercises and ideas about boys and manhood to assist boys to become aware of purpose and motivation in their life.
Topics include: intuition, body language, mental strength, empathic feeling, positive feeling, positive thinking and positive visualising. Discussion topics: include bullying, sexual harassment, homophobia, life goals, desires and following an inner compass.


1 Grounding, centring and focusing
Learning how to stand firm and relaxed. How to concentrate your breath in your belly and focus attention (first external, later transformed to an internal goal).
2 The golden triangle of body awareness – emotional awareness – self-awareness.
Emotions are expressed in the body by way of muscular tension. Therefore, increasing body-awareness can lead to more insight and experience of one's own patterns of reaction which, in turn, can offer a chance to deepen and further develop emotional awareness and self-awareness.
3 Communication
The development of physical forms of communication as a basis for the development of other, more verbally oriented, forms of  communication.
4 The Rock and Water concept
The tough, immovable rock attitude versus the mobile, communicative water attitude. This concept can be developed and applied at various levels: the physical, the mental and the social level. At a physical level it means that an attack can be parried by firmly trained muscles (rock) but also — and often even more effectively — by moving along with the energy of the attacker (water). At a social level — for instance in a conversation — it is also possible to choose between a rock or a water attitude and the same choice applies to the way in which one maintains relationships with others. Finally, at a spiritual level, the apparent opposites between rock and water disappear. Insight and experience come about when a realisation occurs that both ways are needed to reach self-fulfilment and that people, in their deepest essence, are connected to each other and travel along a path together.

Rock and Water was developed as a gender-specific program, especially meant for boys. Experience has taught us that girls can profit from and enjoy the program as much as boys do. However, boys and girls clearly differ at a number of levels. They undergo a different socialisation and, therefore, they have to go on a different path of development and are confronted with different tasks of development. That is why the Rock and Water program works best in gender specific groups.

The entire presentation covers 2 separate workshops. It is possible to attend the workshops separately but all 2 together they cover a nice part of the  Rock and Water program providing an excellent overview of this innovative program.

Attention: You are advised to wear loose cloths!

The presentation is NOT in the swimming pool but in a gymnasium.

Workshop 1: Safety:  standing strong: grounding, centring and focussing, breathing strength.
Workshop 2: Assertiveness: Rock and Water attitude. framework for communication, weapon against bullying.

Teachers in the whole field of education, youth-care workers, welfare workers, psychologists, sociologists and counsellors.

Herman van den Berg from Holland
Advanced Rock and Water trainer
P.E. at a secondary school
Personal Coach


Course materials to download:

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PDF-Download SFM2015_Van-den-Berg_DE.pdf
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